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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Frangipani Laced Memories

Bated breath.
Expectations that hurt.
An exquisite headiness,
Every inch of skin,
The teasing and caressing
Of the intoxicating Frangipani,
Only an unwitting accomplice
To the greater schemes
The ruthless and clever mechanisations
Fate has practiced to perfection.
The same inky sky,
That familiar serenade
Raindrops have sung before;
The treacherous wet earth
So seasoned in causing
feverish frenzies.
The slow poison
Of past memories
swirling in the veins.
The bittersweet longing
Of the once carelessly disposed
Drug of ecstasy.
The longing
The burning desire;
Nay, the uncontrollable need
to be in those arms,
Oh! this bane
This cruel call of insanity.
My dream it is unattainable
You walked away
Long ago.
I might as well return.
I am sure
I'll soon I get used to
his otherness.
Till then
I will just have to bear
The slush, the muck
The mess 
tonight's shower of fantasies
will leave behind.

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