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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a Part-time Cynic

Of course I'm a romantic
Subscribing to
All the strictures of love;
Waiting for that epiphany
Where the world will stop
As we lay eyes on each other
for the first time.
There'll be sleepless nights,
Surely different from now,
When it will be for a sight
Of your flawless face
That my soul would pine.
It will be then
That I'd learn to live,
Find the meaning of my being;
These twenty years
Being but an excuse
Of an existence.
Of course I believe in love
And would like nothing else
But to lose myself 
(Whatever I have made of me)
In you.
But until then,
The glorious hour that is
When you've swept me
Off my feet,
Excuse me
I have other plans.
I intend to enjoy 
My half existence
Until it's time for love.

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