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Monday, August 16, 2010

Loss of Innocence

It happened,
At that very moment
When I noticed
That you noticed me.
I was
But a chit of a girl;
Raging hormones
Making me susceptible to
Frequent bouts of love.
You came
You came to me!

And things happened
Maybe happened
A little too fast;
Not that I complain
Or blame you
In any way 
It's just that 
Things happened
And I hadn't
Seen them coming.
One moment
There we were
Looking gooey eyed
At each other;
Your urgent hands
Roving over
My budding breasts
At the next.
I am not 
Accusing you
at all.
I had wanted it then,
With as much desire
As you had.
After all
My then diet
Of dreamy romances
Told me it was heaven.

It happened
At that moment
When you noticed me;
The moment
That you came.
It happened
At that moment
When you noticed me
But you failed 
to notice
You had left me behind.

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