A chronicle of the misadventures of a would be writer

Friday, August 6, 2010


Eager eyes await
The star of the show.
She of course,
Will be fashionably late
Having aroused
Just the right anticipation.
The stage is set,
Whispers heard
Of the small talk ensuing
To cover up 
the obvious excitement
Exaggerated rumours
Of her naive beauty
Have brought about.
The spotlight's on
The collective sigh
Makes way,
Anticipatory silence following.

She steps in,
Seeming to fulfill
All that was promised,
Not an inch exposed;
Driven to madness.
Her keepers give the cue
And off goes a layer
With planned precision;
The little that is seen
Shows perfection achieved
Through hours of concealing.
As the spectators sit
Barely breathing
Out of fear of exploding,
She exposes all.
Or so they think.
The lighting's such
all blemishes are concealed.
You'd think its cheating
But then again
This is what
They have come for:
A Diana
In all her naked glory
and in her virtues;
In the whore on sale:
A bride soon to be.

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