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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exorcism of an Unforgetting Heart

Your laughter
That smells
Of wet earth
And dreams
With an acrid tinge
Of hopes gone by

I have never missed you,
Never got the chance
But I wish I did

You're a jigsaw puzzle
And I hold every piece;
Only the grooves have changed
They fit no more.
The line have faded,
The colours run into each other
A grotesque image
Of the face before.

We sit together
We reminisce
We have no new
Memories to make.
Time has washed you away
In all your fluid grace
While I sit
On the clumsy boulder
Of a wistful life;
To the bits of you
I have clung on to
Like a parasite.

Blow away in the wind;
Be gone.
Your eyes
They are still the same hazel
But they have forgotten to smile
When they see me
Be gone
So that I too can forget
that treacherous smile

1 comment:

  1. Your writing is like scotch at this time of the day, haunting to the mind and smooth on the soul.