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Friday, October 21, 2011

Our happy ending

It isn't exactly a fairytale
No poison apples
No glass slippers
No witches 
No fairies
No Exiles
With seven kindly men
Albeit a little 
Vertically challenged.
And alas!
No Prince
On a white horse
To ride with 
To the waiting castle
And our happy ending

It never has been a movie
No scripted lines
No dance sequences
No perfect hairstyles
No sensual songs
In the summertime rain
In some lonely ruins
And alas!
No hero
To fight alone
The bad guys
Just for me
And our happy ending

It's not quite picture perfect
You and me
Some laughter
Many fights
Perhaps a toddler's
First masterpiece:
All indistinct
And alas!
You don't catch me
But I pull you down
And together we lie
You and me
And our happy ending.

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